Diva Peach was down and my team drew at home; what have I done to make the gods angry?!
🍃 Matt Harwood I keep seeing mention of Peach - what is it? :D
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Burensasub Peach is a app/social media platform. It was 1st released in 2016 by Dom Hoffman, the creator of the now-popular Byte app. At first, Peach created a lot of hype but it quickly died down. So much so that Dom and his team stopped developing it. Yet, it's still going, with a small, but significant group of dedicated users. Because the app is no longer in active development, it sometimes goes down for a period of time.
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Diva Brilliant summary!
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🍃 Matt Harwood Fab, thank you very much! It's tempting to check it out :)
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