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In the US, the deadline to file tax returns from the previous year is usually April 15. This year, because of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the deadline was moved to July 15. On the one hand, it was nice not having to worry about it for a few months but on the other hand, you eventually have to worry about it. So today I made myself finish filing my tax returns and it feels great!
Nice! Always feels great when they're finally done
There are still some active people right? It feels like a nice little community. I see some accounts that have joined this platform five years ago. I didn't know that subreply has existed for that long...
Yep, I was on here 5 years ago. Forgot about it, but glad to be back on.
You know what subreply desperately needs? More precise time indicators on posts. "198ms" just isn't cutting it
yeah, I'd agree, It'd make it feel more realtime