It will be nice if Apple could scale M1 to other Macs: 2x M1 in MBP 16 and iMac, 4x and 8x M1 in Mac Pro. Maybe even a 2x M1 Mac mini.
Am i the only one who's not excited about this M1 chip? Ram is inside the chip, everything is hard soldered, you can't replace any component. I know it has been this way with macs lately but this time it's even worse. It seems to me that the sole purpose of those new chips is to make them more like iphones and ipads so that the only way to upgrade is to keep buying the newer models.
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I really can't think of the last time that I upgraded ram in a computer that didn't involve upgrading the mobo or replacing the entire thing. If the M1 leads to better performance/watt i'm all for it. Apple is positioned to do everything that no other company could do because of "compatibility".
That's not just about upgrading, you can't replace it either if it goes bad. I know that in Linux you can mark some of its parts as *bad* so that kernel won't use them, I don't know if that's possible with MacOS.
I'm also not excited, because I purposefully do not use Apple products since I don't enjoy walled gardens or highly proprietary systems. :)
I could be interesting once software get standardized between ARM and x86. macOS, Linux and Windows run on both now. Maybe Apple will keep Mac Pro running on Intel.
Never ever. They want everything to be one line of production. Simplify everything on their side. Moving away further from the Pro they use in the product names.
Amen! It's getting worse and worse. And though I don't know any concrete numbers I bet the performance benefits are not crazy. Especially because it's still ARM, which is much harder to get to x86 speed levels because of the simple instruction set.
On one hand, the inability to upgrade is true, but the tradeoffs at least seem positive. I don't think the performance and efficiency would be as effective without it. I'm more excited for the start of ARM personal computers.
The ARM race is very exciting but i don't think we should sacrifice upgradability for the sake of 2x times the speed. Computers are fast enough these days, ram speed is getting better, components are getting smaller, there's no point of having welled gardens anymore. We should be able to build laptops like we build desktops, that's how the future should be in my opinion.