Is adblock stealing? Do you use adblock? Why? Sure, advertisers don't have the right to your attention, but don't the content creators have the right to your financial support?
I actually stopped reading the news and watching TV because of ads (And because it is always biased), i don't want to be advertised some bullshit that i don't need. If i need something, i will look and search for it, i never bought something because i saw an ad about it. Ads are annoying and don't provide any value to my life, they just make my web browsing experience a nightmare. If the content is worth it, put a paywall or setup a Patreon account, nothing wrong with that.
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I agree wholeheartedly. We accept ads as people once accepted smog, as part of the package of living a modern life. But as smog, ads are just pollution. They're the subproduct of an unhealthy consumer environment with detrimental consequences to our mental well being.