👂 Sly Feedback thread: The minimalist aspect of subreply is actually pretty good, but i think missing some features might make it hard for some to follow/start meaneanful conversation.| The first feature that comes to mind is multi-line support with [shift + enter].| The second one is an edit button or a way to reply on your own thread.| The third one is the highlight of new replies in the replies tab.| the fourth would be collapsible threads.| finally, 480 characters per reply is
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💻👿 Kenneth Jensen I would like to see tags. Sort of like what hubski and lobste.rs do with set tags that are community-suggestable. Collapsible threads would be nice. I found this website while travelling and have only used it on mobile. It is clunky in some ways but works predictably. The format is perfect. It's so readable. Discussions are chains of paragraphs which brings me delight. No guidelines is awesome. It generates very interesting conversations; focus on the message! Meet people!
🧿 Andrea Are new features released now and then? I've just joined but heard this network has actually existed for six years - I wonder what the author plans are for it, and if they don't have any, why they haven't open sourced it
😾 Oskar I am somehow annoyed by lack of intuitive topic navigation. I'd prefer to have some tab with N new/popular/rising topics. Taking into consideration size of subreply this would currently work better than Feed which I don't even visit (Yes, I follow people). Suprise factor vs Personalization. I take suprise factor!
👂 Sly That's a good point! I find myself most of the time in the Trending and search section too, feed is slow when you don't follow a lot of people of active people, I think unifying the Trending/Search/Feed into a single component and making them act as topic filters would be a good improvement as well.
🧔 Justin I prefer self reply to edits, but I agree with every other point you've made. Especially post length.
☕✍️ David Antoine Multi-line would be nice but in conjuction w/ a higher character limit. The edit will probably come back and will work until your post or reply has been replied to, which make sense. On top of direct replies, motification of replies (activity) in a thread you participated in as well. Collapsible threads why not but "meh" on replying to your own thread, I'd rather have double the character limit and then engage with replies to other people...
👂 Sly Collapsed seen threads/replies is what i actually expect, replying to your own thread would be useless with a higher character limit.
🔻 Trinity I agree with the multiline editing and length, but I'm more "meh" about the editing comments. I don't have a great need for it myself but with the lack of replying to oneself it does make things a little difficult.
👂 Sly Yeah, it's either having an edit button or the possibility to reply to oneself.