This website makes me realize that I've been trained to "reward" others for posting online. I feel an uncontrollable urge to "upvote" or "like" comments but quickly realize the button isn't available.
I think it's a nice missing feature, it forces you to share your opinion instead of lurking and reacting with buttons.
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Not including this functionality is honestly a really neat stand-out feature of this site IMO. Even HackerNews has up/down votes for posts. I'm curious how this will affect the dynamic of this site - hopefully garbage comments like "+1" won't become the norm.
I think I have posted more comments on this site in 2 days than I have posted on Reddit in two years.
This. Perhaps mass social media is missing out on the fact that simple positive or negative nods is a bit 1984. It feels more rewarding to acknowledge something by discussion. Imagine if in real life everyone just put their thumbs up when someone told a joke?
Yeah, that would be very awkward, indeed. I wish it had better UX though, especially with threads, sometimes it's hard to notice where the fun is!