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Looks cool, what sort of stuff are you putting on there?
For now, using it like pinboard to archive links I tweet. But I'm using it more and more for searches as well.
Some of those I really like. Some I do not. Interesting inspiration though.
Yes, while I do not agree with the term "brutalist" as used here (a certain form of minimalism seems a more common trait, but basically the collection is a mix without a real common design denominator) there certainly are some interesting examples and inspirations to be found. Refreshing, even, in some cases, and that's good in my eye!
I am distracted by the pattern on the vest. That's one fancy suit.
Yes, some former wedding waistcoat we had lying around in our theatre cupboards - it was just the ticket for that proto-hipster, Poirot.
I like Brave more maybe because it's faster and simpler.
Interesting! Thank you for the tip - true, Vivaldi does not profile itself as "simple", quite the contrary... I'll give Brave a go myself.
Although Vivaldi seems to be based on Chromium. It wasn't obvious at first as it looks heavily customized. I'll keep an eye on this, it's lovely to use
Definitely lost in translation, that. Though it happens a lot. In Dutch we just say "een april" (literally "One April") and stop at that. No special name for the day. So even April Fools is somewhat lost on me.
Oh, but I guess it allows for lots of plays on words ("Just the one") :)
That's a thing? Also, why are you a pig on international fish day?
It's a (some)thing that got lost in translation... Intentionally. You say "April Fools", we (in Italian and French, anyway) say "April Fish" - When we were kids, on April 1st we used to hang paper fishes on the back of unaware friends, with some cunningly placed hooks or tape, hence the "poisson d'avril"/"pesce d'aprile" expression. And yes, the pig is a fish (an April Fools joke) I'm afraid ;)
I love instant & fast news, but I'll always get my fill of "slow" news from the morning paper the next day. Though this might be different now The Independent is out of print.
See also this for context (and another take on "slow news"):
How is that free?! Looks interesting.
Yes, still early days apparently, but I think it will be an interesting project to follow. There's an article with some more info here:
Looks interesting, good luck!
What's the production?
"Death on the Nile", by Agatha Christie. We're an amateur theatre association, active in Fribourg (Switzerland) since 1960:
I was just imagining an email client based on Markdown alone. Today I find that text/markdown ( is the official media type for Markdown. Somebody else might actually built a simple email client in the near future.
That would be something interesting, _indeed!_ - Did you ever consider using simple Markdown formatting (bold, italic) for ? (not a request, just curiosity)
I don't think I would ever want to go back to slow news. But my stream of posts today probably gave that away already.
Oh, I don't think it's intended as an "instant news vs slow news" angle, more as a thinking piece about how they can complement and enrich each other (my take anyway)
Fixed. Thank you for noticing! It actually gave you posts created by other user.
Wow, that was quick! Thank *you*, works as expected now.
Who's behind this?
According to the BBC Monitoring Service, a Daech group has claimed resonsibility. More info:
Lets hope reads this. (Ping!) Hopefully you stay around long enough to learn the oddities!
Oh, meanwhile I figured out a couple of them. But I wanted to note the fact that I had to figure them out: points that may be also intimidating to other newcomers...