I've got an invite for Refind. First-come, first-served! refind.com
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"Save and discover what matters most to you." -- That's what Pinboard is for! Haha.
Yeah, I've had Pinboard for a very long time but I actually never use it. Instapaper and Pocket offered nothing over it--the general concept of saving web pages just has no use for me. The internet is so transient that all the dynamite things I once had bookmarked have long since vanished from view. Sure you can save pages for reading later but iOS Safari's Reading List is pretty effective already. I don't want additional apps or websites or services to visit, I rather just u
Looks cool, what sort of stuff are you putting on there?
For now, using it like pinboard to archive links I tweet. But I'm using it more and more for searches as well.