*First impressions* - What I really like about Sublevel: simple, clear interface ("freshness" effect), RSS feeds (yay!), apparently there's an API, friendly on mobiles - What bothers me a bit, as a new user: not easy to find out how to "like" a post, no evident way to (perma-)link directly to a post for outside reference, not evident to understand difference between "current" and "timeline" under (but this can be learned). Overall, a nice and promising place that I
Lets hope reads this. (Ping!) Hopefully you stay around long enough to learn the oddities!
Oh, meanwhile I figured out a couple of them. But I wanted to note the fact that I had to figure them out: points that may be also intimidating to other newcomers...
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I do agree it's hard to notice new users and their posts unless you look for them. I think that's important while a website is new and growing.