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If You're Not Seeking Out Challenges, How Are You Going to Get Better?
I find it debatable. The whole point of life is to push yourself? Really? For me, most challenges have found me, without me seeking them out ;-)
I love your site, beautifully simple and a wonderful idea to include the "buy me a book" link. Do you get many books through that button?
None so far! I like simple stuff like this social network!
Does anyone need some music to meditate, reflect or wander to? sjfmusic.bandcamp....
what's something new you've started doing/learning since covid-19 forced us all to stay inside?
Going on a lot more walks around the neighborhood than I used to (with a mask of course).
Playing the shit out of my drumset. Im getting way better.
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . Why? For fun.
I started reading more. It is easy to get into if you start with short books like Animal Farm, The Hobbit, The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, etc. It feels satisfying to finish a book, mark it as read on Goodreads and think about it for a day or two. I plan to slowly transition into bigger books once my attention span increases.
Started to learn about the gut and brain. Very interesting topics. Fascinating to be honest.
Exercising every day (mostly aerobics, some rowing, and rarely running)
Taking notes like a pro! (Too many remote meetings)
Learn to play guitar. Never played an instrument in my life.
Learning Latin.
I'm learning javascript with intent to jump on the react train. I'm a salesperson who was living on a tropic island prior to covid. Coming back has made me realise I really don't like being back and want to leave permanently, so I need a remote friendly job. Which yes, there are some of for sales and no, most software dev jobs aren't remote friendly, but there are more of the latter than the former. Face time and handshakes are just too valuable in sales.
After hours and hours of online meetings I'm super protective of my time in the evening
TTRPGs! They've been a wonderful outlet for creativity and also socializing with friends in a very enjoyable way.
Ordering takeout too frequently
I starting writing more! I've been doing better with keeping a journal and I started posting some blog posts online.
I made a new website.
Started reading again. Really enjoying some horror novels.
I've been cycling quite a lot.
I started playing Hollow Night (when I am at ease), Thumper (When I am annoyed) and GRIS (When I am content).
I've spent a lot more time speaking Esperanto with people all over the world (via Zoom, mostly). Relatively speaking there aren't huge numbers of speakers, but when everyone is effectively next door to one another because of COVID + the internet, suddenly there's a full calendar of virtual meet-ups, and people using the language all day long! It's wonderful. Before this, I'd only get the chance a few times per year at bigger events to speak the language for long periods.
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