Diva I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
🥨 Shruthi Learning should be fun, not work, so you can't cheat haha. Honestly, audio is such a great way to learn and absorb information. My only gripe is its inefficient sometimes, because I read faster than I listen...is that true for you too?
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Chetan Vashisht What's a good first audio book? I spend a lot of time reading, but I've none listened to any audiobooks. Listened to podcasts tho.
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🥨 Shruthi It's a good format for "popular" books - the kind you would just read once all the way through rather than keep going back to reread and understand passages. For science books like "The Gene" or any book about current affairs
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Diva Ohhh! Great question! So, full disclosure - this is my first time with an audio book, and I am listening to "White Fragility" and as well as listening closely, I am taking notes because we are going to discuss it in our book club next month.
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🥨 Shruthi what do you think so far?
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