🏒 Lucian Marin You have to boil Soylent if you don't want to get sick. Germs get destroyed then. I doubt it's an ingredient problem, more like germs problem. Also, mixing it with milk can make it more consistent than mixing the powder with water. I will never consume it myself. I prefer to make my own blends in the winter season: hot milk, bananas, cocoa based powder, etc. If I replace milk with soy milk I basically get my own version of Soylent.
Martijn Soylent is GMP certified so I would not expect to find any germs in there that you wouldn't also fin in your "cocoa based powder". Not that I am eating it either at their current price. When they first came out and said they would be getting cheaper (&c.&c.) I was very interested. Now they are still at almost $10/day for a Soylent diet. I definitely do not spend $10/day on my usual shopping.
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Seth Kontny I wanted to try soyleny for a month. If this is what I'm hearing from you guys-- what's alternative. ? A detoxing I prefer first then jumping into some type of Soylent or alternative. ??
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Martijn Joylent never seemed "serious" to me. Huel does look good. Would you recommend them?
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