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🏒 Lucian Marin I want to add social links to profiles. What other social networks do you use?
Seirdy Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc), personal website,, Hacker News, Teddit, and some others. I'd say that arbitrary key-value fields on profiles would be better; one column can be the name of the platform while the other an be a URL, similar to what most Fediverse sites do.
Miso What's your favorite text editor?
Seirdy Neovim. Can be lightweight or can be a full IDE with the language-server protocol and tree-sitter, or anything in between. Scriptable in Lua (with LuaJIT) because VimScript sucks. A keybind lets me edit any textarea in a floating nvim window, including this one.
Zero Edge Tech is the new tower of babel.
Sergiusz Explicit setup manual. Let us know when you'll publish the code!
Seirdy getting back to working on MOAC, a tool for password strength analysis using physical limits to computation:
Zero Edge Which book? I wouldn't mind checking it out.
Seirdy Also see *Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,* one of my favorite books of all time. Was the inspiration for *Blade Runner.*
🗨🐢 Keb Curious; how large is the node_modules folder for a svelte-kit project? It looks awesome, but I've become more and more mindful of my harddrive space.
Seirdy pnpm can also save space, but yeah the dep hell is a very real thing in the JS landscape. (first comment!)