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~ 32 years old
i hate hn
I am a librarian
Doesn't know if chickens would look more or less funny with arms.
I'm just your normal everyday nerd
trinity.moe ~ 51.3 years old
c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
github.com/javieri... ~ 55 years old in United States
Web developer who loves cycling. French living in London, UK.
twitter.com/vjo ~ 33 years old in United Kingdom
Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese.
randalmatheny.com in Brazil
Swiss-born Brit living in San Francisco.
~ 24 years old
A public forum where everyone has a voice. Check unfeeder.com for latest news. Icons made by .
a rebel and a runner, a signal turning green
zhmp.net in United States
What is this all about then? How did I get here early enough to get my username of choice?
Ask big questions.
~ 40 years old
Writer of copy, eater of food... plus, at one point I was even a big trier of new things like this.
writegeek.com in United States
Art - Music - Programming
~ 31 years old in Algeria
Programmer, young father, avid reader | mailto:david@dvaun.com
dvaun.com ~ 27 years old in Bakersfield, United States