in the middle of the night with my tagada
~ 46 years old in Toulouse, France
Python developer and all things design. ~ 34.5 years old in Bucharest, Romania
~ 24 years old
Just generally neutral person generally vibin. An optimistic cynic and plagued with cognitive dissonance.
Astronomy And Mechanical Watches Lover - Space Travel Dreamer - Coffee & Chocolate Addict - Aviation worker
~ 45.7 years old in Belgium
trackpoint user
~ 32 years old
Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin. ~ 36 years old in Germany
French developer trying to learn something new every day ~ 26 years old in France
running away from my problems ~ 18.1 years old in Seattle, United States
Developer Musician
~ 34 years old in Turkey
Amateur Researcher
Ask big questions.
~ 34 years old
Richard is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., ~ 31 years old in India
Web developer who loves cycling. French living in London, UK. ~ 33 years old in United Kingdom