Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
David Satime-Wallin Everyone should learn Vi(m) but it's not suitable for most to use it as their main IDE. Vi(m) is available on pretty much any system so it's great to know the basics for doing changes on servers etc. I use it as my main IDE in my profession but most people tend to stick to VSCode for example.
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🤔 David Agreed that not everyone should use it as their IDE. IMO it's absolutely necessary for working on servers or in a terminal, and far preferable to Nano.
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Ganesh Khade Have you tried Micro Editor? Again, it's pretty powerful. Multi Cursors, Split Windows, Intutive keybindings all in terminal. Of course, it's for newbies, otherwise, vim.
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David Satime-Wallin I have but I'm not loving it. I can see why some like it but I tend to stick to vim
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