David Satime-Wallin The biggest problem with Twitter today is the vast amount of ads, videos and images which makes it hard to follow a thread or discussion. I think the simplicity of subreply might just be a winning plan.
John Noble The incessant meme replies, uuugh.
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David Satime-Wallin Yeah I think they added too much to the platform. If you have a something important to say it should be enough to do so with text. If you need a lot of videos and memes and images etc then your message isn't important or interesting enough to be spread. Right?
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John Noble They're just lazy. If you liked the post, hit the like button. If you have something to say, say it. But just posting a GIF of a dog celebrating, it adds nothing but noise.
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David Satime-Wallin Yeah that is true. Let's hope this place turns out a lot better :) The one thing I hope will come is an app for the phone. No more features or anything, just an app for doing exactly what this page does now.
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