Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese. in Brazil
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A few days ago we descended from 1984 to The Lord of The Flies.
My memory is vague on that one.
What project are you all working on these days?
This past week I worked on two books and made excellent progress.
1984 should be mandatory reading for everyone.
I thought it was. / So who should require it, Big Brother?
This has been the hardest year of my life so far. I wonder how many people agree?
Dunno, for me, it has been tough, but a lot of blessings have appeared over the past year. I think I've lived through worse.
First Peter 2:21 is near the top of my list.
An introduction to 1 Peter
Do you have a candidate for the key verse of the book?
Evidently, people prefer visual, but I miss the early days of Twitter--brief, text-only posts.
Better to have a non productive week than a non productive life. :Sobs
True for sure that.
What did you have?
chicken and dressing, layered salad, sweet and sour carrots, oven "fried" okra.
I think he meant that those letters are readable at small font sizes too compared with a regular sans font.
Good to know. Thanks.
I know that wrt fonts, counters are the holes inside the letters. maybe countertops refers to a the flat width of the counter, keeping those wider would, I imagine make it easier to read the letters in a smaller font.
Gotcha, thanks. New one on me.
Replaced Fira Sans (311 KB) with Route 159 (55 KB). Even if it's not the perfect typeface, I'll keep looking for lightweight replacements.
I wasn't familiar with this font. Looks interesting. What did the creator mean by this sentence: "It is designed to take wide countertops inside letters, including lowercase b, d, p, q, making it even harder to collapse even in small size"? Wide countertops?
2020.. Bobs Burgers and the Bible are the only constants in my life..
Not in that order, I hope.
Do you want to become a news section on Subreply? It would be possible to reply on articles.
Pretty far out selection there. No thanks.
LinkedIn initially rejected two bug reports from me. The first was fixed. For the second one they just deleted a post I couldn't access when logged in. Now I want to build an alternative. Every account can have a resume, post jobs, share stuff with mentions and private messages.
I left LinkedIn because they said it was full of security leaks. Go for it.
Almost completed my sign up for and then accidentally went back one page, deleting all my answers.