Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese.
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☕✍️ David Antoine Freak, if only it was that easy... I guess I could, I would have to start all over again and take the risk... A coworker left the country with his wife for the Maldives, to fly taxi floatplanes around. Pictures he sends depress me even more when I compare them to what I see from my windows... 😁
Rsm haha Grass greener on the other side ...
🏒 Lucian Marin Google Pixel team on Instagram liked my pink wild rose macro photo and left a comment too. I wish they were here too.
Rsm Invite them!
☕✍️ David Antoine Sunny for a few days here in Belgium after the floods. 25C. Then rain again. It's about 250 days of bad weather a year here. 100 days of cumulated sun is what we have more or less. Maybe more depending on the year. I don't think it exceeds 150 days. Depressing.
Rsm Wow, sounds like northwest USA, lots of rain and fog there, they say. Lost of depressed people there. Come to the tropics!
Rsm Thanks for the link. Will pass it on to the Fine Fellow who is doing this for me, and for others, actually. I had mentioned I wanted to do podcasting, and he offered.
🍓 Harry Bo Ah ah in french, there is "macronie" not a verb or adjective but it's the macron's state ...
Rsm In Portuguese, it would work well for a verb: macronir (for this, I prefer the -ir ending, rather than the -ar or -er endings).
Zero Edge Adding a new word to my dictionary. macron. noun. a person who abuses power in attempt to satisfy their cowardice. -> "Every time I wanted to go hang out with my friends my ex boyfriend turned into a complete macron."
Rsm Next, verb and adjective forms.
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. oh sorry, I completely missed your point ! For publishing, isn't it an RSS feed in the end ? I mean you could literally edit it by hand, if your audio is hosted somewhere.
Rsm I did make my point clear, so I apologize for that. Yes, RSS is involved. Looks like I may have a solution, a kind friend is in the process of setting up funkwhale. I have hopes that will fill the bill.
🍓 Harry Bo As we say in french 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side' , but you can create a new account on another fediverse instance (or create your own mastodon instance, most challenging), big difference with a centralized network like Twitter.... Or enjoy Subreply :-)
Rsm Yes, but there's no guarantee that it won't happen again. Creating one's own demands a certain knowledge that few have. Subreply is a good option.
Zero Edge People act like if you just "vaccinated everyone" then you wouldn't have to worry about variants.. You do realize the virus has mutated multiple times within a year right? There is no way you can vaccinate the entire population of the world to 100% within a year. Even if you vaccinated 100% of the USA other countries wouldn't be able to so fast so guess what? Variants. You can't win this. Sorry.
Rsm Are the variants not less vigorous, less threatening? That's good, right?
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. I'm using AntennaPod on Android, it has everything needed (:
Rsm Even for doing a podcast? I wasn't really clear on that, was I?
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