Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese. in Brazil
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First self-haircut went terrible bad.
I used to do it in college. Wouldn't dare do it today.
Infinite pagination was implemented, posting restrictions were reduced, emoji are supported in posts and profile bios, social links can be added from options page, accounts can be deleted, logging in with a magic link is possible, access keys for sidebar links were added, light theme is lighter and dark theme is darker.
Cool! Progress, eh?
Which are you closer to your primal being or your immortal being?
Immortal, I hope. It'll stay around a lot longer.
Much like Subreply and a few other sites.
Porn is a trap.
Much like alcohol and a few other items.
I absolutely agree. So frustrating sometimes. Keeps me from posting more often
And that's OK of course, but hard to jump in on the conversation right?
Eu voltei porque vi o site salvo nos favoritos.
Bom ter lista assim. Se nao, a gente esquece, ne
E eu quase sumindo.
Hahaha paradao aqui hein?
Verdade, e isso nao seria problema, mas a maior parte da conversa e tecnica.
What happened?
Nothing. That's the problem. haha
I don't know, I don't think there is clean way to convert an APK to an IPA for iOS. The OS are completely different. And I don't know of any virtualization tool you can install on iOS to run APKs if you need to. I know about Project Sandcastle to install Android on an iPhone but it's limited to old models, needs jailbreak and comes w/ a lot of limitations. Not worth the hassle.
Besides being over my head. haha
Hum I think the 13 is going to be the last one with a lighting port. Then the 14 will be portless. Or lightning for the 13 / 14 and portless for the 13 Pro / 14 Pro... Either way they are probably not using USB-C on iPhones, they still want to milk the lightning port licensing revenue as long as possible IMHO... And I'm using Telegram, if they decide to ban it using the hate speach excuse, I prefer sticking w/ Android now, where I can sideload the APK...
Somebody told me to do APK for Mac but I'm a lowly user, no idea what that's about. For Mac Telegram is only available through Google Play.
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