Studying information security at Financial University ~ 17.8y old in Moscow
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🐇 Robert Blinov One can lose money and earn it back again. Reputation is way more fragile.
🐇 Robert Blinov The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is not letting him know that he is in prison.
🐇 Robert Blinov Stop wishing and start doing. Don't be the one who complains about problems, be the one who solves them.
🐇 Robert Blinov My life is my message.
🐇 Robert Blinov Pave the cowpaths.
🐇 Robert Blinov Start as you intend to proceed.
🐇 Robert Blinov History helps: it's a record of how things usually go wrong.
🐇 Robert Blinov Collected data tends to eventually be used against the people.
🐇 Robert Blinov Knowing facts isn't the same as understanding.
🐇 Robert Blinov Nobody becomes better by fitting in.
🐇 Robert Blinov When fighting monsters, don't become a monster yourself.
🐇 Robert Blinov When people really want to believe something, they'll fall for anything that seems to prove their point.
🐇 Robert Blinov Have the courage to be disliked.
☕✍️ David Antoine Is it just me or is it pretty rare to see those balanced and not politically biased articles in the New York Times? That was interesting to read though nothing exceptional, more people should have that balanced position...
🐇 Robert Blinov It is quite rare indeed.
🐇 Robert Blinov Be ambitious.
🐇 Robert Blinov Win before the fight even starts.
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