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⭐ Robert Buzz! 🐝
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin Try Washington, United States. It works. I will try to match location by city name alone.
⭐ Robert The location database doesn't know that it's Sanremo, not San Remo: robertblinov.net/b...
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🌲 Tho My life is faaar from complete, and it's not even my fault (mostly) (shit genes)
⭐ Robert Genes don't matter all that much. They can become what you need them to be with epigenetics.
⭐ Robert A coach service and an airline both sent me emails warning to prepare for delays and cancellations due to staff shortages. Italy is preparing to ration water. A group of migrants rampaged through Peschiera del Garda, throwing stones at riot police and calling for African colonisation of that town and others. Centralised power in Brussels is kicking people in their faces with endless freedom-eroding regulations. We must save Europe by putting our own nations first.
🧐 Nrmn Thanks for pointing me to namebase.io
⭐ Robert Revisiting Handshake now. It appears to me that this is yet another VC pre-mine pump-and-dump. 1.3B/2B coins were just given out to entities. This includes the ICANN monopoly, which a truly decentralised system should help end. handshake.org/gran...
⭐ Robert Cracking a can open is an audiotactile sensation even better than popping a bottle's cork. No wonder Trump used to open six cans of soda at a time. But aluminium is sadly a neurotoxin, and most cans are lined with the endocrine disruptor BPA.
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🚗 Carl I'll always remember logging in to this site every now and then because I still think this is a very minimal, cool site to share thoughts. Anyway it sucks going to work now that I've found hybrid work to be more of my cup of tea. I don't see the purpose of going out to work now with the rising gas prices and the fact that our country still doesn't have the guts to solve the mass transportation issues.
⭐ Robert Change your emoji to 🚎 then :-)
⭐ Robert Patronyms are cool and useful.
⭐ Robert Waking up early enhances productivity.
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin This year my neighbors wake me up every morning. I have to go to sleep a lot earlier. I'm more productive at night.
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin Old /robert account deleted. There was no content, only claiming a username. Maybe I should do this for every account that didn't publish anything.
⭐ Robert Excellent, thank you! 🤩
💬 Subreply That's a pretty useless thing to do. Someone active can claim your username.
⭐ Robert I'm claiming Robert then.
🔥 Cosmin Negoita So what's going on?
⭐ Robert The sun is shining bright and I'm about to make brunch.
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin I got a new fridge. What should I stack it with? What's healthy or delicious in yours?
⭐ Robert Healthy AND delicious: bacon, cheese, steaks, and ghee.
⭐ Robert Do you really own a thing if you are forced to pay a recurring tax on it?
Fred Richards Let's take a moment to talk about the new ideas behind password-less logins, ie FIDO2/WebAuthn. Do you really think the average user is ready, or willing to give up passwords?
⭐ Robert Wouldn't know. But I definitely don't want "passwordless" to mean centralising even more power in Big Tech's hands.
❄️ Tobias I prefer minimal CSS as well but I had the choice between drawing to canvas (which is blocked in my browser by default) or using a bit of CSS: salzgrube.club/cla...
⭐ Robert Of course it's better to use CSS than JS in this case