👨‍💻 Matthieu V. is there any people that moved to another country ? how was your experience ? (might go through this soon)
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💥 Danny Blast Working on it! Moving from US to France in 2022.
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. Interesting ! May I ask you why did you chose France ?
Miso I moved but only for a year while studying. It's been one of the best experience!
Xy I moved to China for a few years. It was an incredible experience and I absolutely recommend leaving your bubble (everyone has one whether they like to admit it or not). The one piece of advice I would leave for you would be to always be prepared for a transition back home, or a new home. It's been quite difficult for me to find the same level of work back home and the pandemic has not helped at all. Best of luck to you!
☕ David Antoine From where to where?
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. the question was not specially targeted to some countries (: