🧐 Nrmn Are there any mechanical and ergonomic keyboard enthusiasts here?
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. Not specially ergonomic in any way but I have a build with the KBD67 Lite kit with Boba U4, I really like it !
🧐 Nrmn I ordered some Boba U4 to test them and I'm blown away! Didn't expect any silent switches to be even then the Zilents v2
Nick Silvestri I have Glorious Pandas being prepped for placement in a GMMK Pro that is yet to arrive. I also backed the Epomaker AK84 on Kickstarter. I would love a split ergo keeb but none really tickle my fancy at an acceptable price.
🧐 Nrmn They get more affordable if you do most of the soldering yourself. But even then they'll be expensive, I know. I found this video explaining how to build one mostly 3D-printed for around 50EUR: youtube.com/watch?...
😃 Javier I have four or five mechanical keyboards. My favorite: amazon.com/gp/prod...
🧐 Nrmn I'm a big fan of split keyboards like the Ergodox (which I have) and I'm currently thinking about building a new one.