Felix What are you currently reading? I need inspirations
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🤔 David Since Dune was mentioned I'd like to add in 'A Fire Upon the Deep' by Vernor Vinge. It was an interesting read and certain portions of the book were compelling in that it caused me to sit and reflect upon what it means to exist as a species. It's an exciting read with drama on a large scale, and has caused me to want to read more sci-fi classics
Joseph Gilmore Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It's a wild ride so far!
Rudolph Quijano Landau's mechanics
Huw I liked Deep Work but found it was hard to fully put into practice.
🍁 John J. Oh, really? I'm still formalising it in my head; haven't even finished my first run-through. But I'm under no illusions about how tough it's going to be to implement! Are you still making progress?
📷 Alessio Ezra Pound letters
🎛️ Mesut Ucar Malloreon - David Eddings for the nth time
🧙 Nathan Feeser Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, it's enjoyable so far.
Jakub Janarek "Crashed" by Adam Tooze - a recount and explanation of the '08 financial crysis written 2 years ago or so. So far, very dense but rewarding.
🧅 Onion Samson Reading Catch-22 for the first time. Halfway through. It's hilarious and brilliant. Power struggles, hierarchy, and lots of ludicrous moments to laugh along with.
☔ Johannes Death's End by Liu Cixin, the third book in the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy. A to me in parts very cynical but intriguing take on the sci-fi genre.
🍃 Matt Harwood I'm re-reading 'Principles' by Ray Dalio. Always sets me on the straight and narrow :)
☀️ James I'm re-reading Pale Fire. If you haven't read any Nabokov yet, please put him on your list!
Bhuvan Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann
🎲 Jamie The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck. No idea where the book came from, but I'm happy to have it in my possession. I absolutely loved The Grapes of Wrath. Going to look for a copy of East of Eden as soon as I can go to a second-hand bookshop
🧞 Bit Dune. It's a great book and the time I spend at home now made me feel less intimidated at the size
🟩 Koralatov 'Dune' is excellent, and works perfectly as a standalone book. Depending how much you like it, the sequels are well worth a read. I think 'God Emperor of Dune' the best of the entire series, with 'Dune' itself a close second, but 'God Emperor' is very love-it or hate-it.
🤔 David Dune is such a fun read that it makes the size less of a problem and more of a gift
🌌 Tom Borges' Fictions
Ashley Charlton Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier
Gareth Lapworth I am re-reading the Hitch Hikers Guide, but now I get to read it to my children.
Adsr The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem
🗿 Ali Lem is great writer. Did you read Solaris?
Ole B. Tove Jansson, any book I can get
Dan Heath Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed - nice bit of inspiration for how to break status quo
🗿 Ali Andre Gide - The Fruits of the Earth
🍁 John J. Deep Work by Cal Newport. It's excellent.
Emil Aasa Love that book, currently taking notes and formulating how to implement it better myself.
💩 Niklas Make sure to take a look at Digital Minimalism as well!
Prasoon Preparing for the release of Stormlight Archive book 4 by rereading books 1-3. Recommend: "The Way of Kings"
Pedro Madruga Chaos - James Gleick
💹 Rj Eddy Snowden's Permanent Record
Cole Hudson Why The West Rules For Now (very well written), The Disappearance of Childhood (meh), and How Children Fail
✌️ Facethewolf I'm waiting for "Working in Public" by Nadia Eghbal to be released tomorrow. Sounds like such an interesting book.
Cole Hudson Ooo me too, excited for it
Chetan Vashisht Developer Hegemony, not very inspiring :/ But I highly recommend Signal and Noise
Ember Arlynx the collapsing empire by john scalzi
🌮 Hejo I am about to start 'Infinite Jest' and 'Catch 22'
Pmh Catch-22 is awesome
🍁 John J. I need to try IJ again. Got a hundred pages in or so many years ago; brilliant stuff, but it requires dedication.
🧅 Onion Samson It took me almost a full year to exclusively read Infinite Jest. I can't say I relished or grew from the experience, but definitely found it brain-warping. Sheer willpower blundered through it.
Pmh We Are the Nerds by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, about Reddit
Felix Yesterday I read the last page of "Why we sleep". I can recommend this to everyone. Read it ASAP. Good sleep can prevent so much health issues.