Nick Silvestri in the current moment in history, how do you find the energy to wake up and work in the morning? the only thing I really have the energy for is being a leech on society.
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🟩 Koralatov My dog removes the choice from me: I have to get up to care for her (walk, toilet break, exercise). Doing so is immediately rewarding and, even when I'm tired, I never regret spending the time on her.
Danki Kaang Might be beneficial to consider to find a new job :)
🉑 Vincent Leeuw I feel rather guilty about the fact that I'm an introvert by nature and the last few months have felt like a sort of extended (work)vacation because of it. If anything, it has taught me that I definitely need more time working at home even when (/if) all of this blows over. Still, the fact that I can find a new MO in this situation is keeping me from going haywire. So the guilt is more or the less the price I have to pay for it.
🌮 Hejo I have the 'why am I doing this' in mind. I want to provide for myself, my family and friends, do a little bit for prestige and to change things if I am able to later on.
Matt Palmer My dog, basically.
The Last If it's not for my loved ones, I wouldn't even try waking up.
🍶 Freeman when you feel like being a hamster on a wheel, get off, find a bigger wheel where you can't notice its curvature. but we're always in a wheel or another. there's no goal, no destination in life
😏 Yt L. I've been thinking about taking some time off to recover mentally, work on my side project, and get ready for my next step in life.
🕶 Tom K. Clean your room, make your living space a nice place to be, find meaning. There are many things to get up for in the morning; you just have to find them
🧔 Justin Is this Jordan Peterson? I just finished watching his Maps of Meaning lecture series. Absolutely fascinating stuff.
☝ Jean-David Moisan I've been taming a bunch of local squirrels. They visit once per day in the morning. They are really funny.
Mellow This sounds amazing.
🗿 Ali Amazing; It's the living.
🦅 Simo Have a read on dopamine and see if you can tweak some other habits of yours to balance your levels. Unless your work is wholly unsatisfactory in which case perhaps seek more rewarding work.