🏒 Lucian Marin Adult America has failed the world, they elected Trump as president. Maybe young America can save itself. Protest by not going to school seems like a peaceful and smart idea. Hopefully parents will be smart too by not forcing school at any cost on their kids.
😀 Tom Don't group sensible people with the idiots. Idiots have failed the world. They created an environment where Trump won. They created an environment where mentally-disturbed kids decide to kill as many other kids as they can. They stage protests and destroy people's property and physically attack people with different opinions. Hopefully parents will raise their kids to be respectful of others, as lack of respect for others seems to be the common denominator of all those problems. Idiots want to punish the non-idiots for the problems idiots create.
☕ David Antoine I'm just saying that the way the USA is acting internationally is not something new and follows the same bits especially since the end of WW2, no matter the President. It was not my intention to group sensible people with idiots. I have seen how bad protests have gone there, especially on campuses. They will need a lot of good people because it seems to me that this is not going to end soon. And I've seen idiots destroying property on both sides, maybe more on one side than the other. I agree parental education is essential but I'm not optimistic...
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