🌲 Tho i've been switching between an m1 macbook air and a thinkpad with arch and i3 back and forth, can't decide which i like better
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👨‍💻 Matthieu V. With so much years and Windows then on Linux, I struggle with macOS keyboard layout, but the OS is so smoooth compared to Linux !
🌲 Tho i think the way macos swaps control and alt keys is an ingenious solution
🌻 Robert Blinov If you're struggling with the character placement, you might like Ilya Birman's Typography Layout: ilyabirman.net/typ...
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to get an M1 MacBook Air if M2 version has white screen borders. I can wait until WWDC 2022. An OLED laptop with Linux would be nice, but macOS just works.
🌲 Tho it's great. i've had more than 10 laptops since 2006 (and no single desktop btw) and this is the first time when i think to myself "i'm not going to sell this laptop, i'm going to use it till it breaks" (which means very long (knock on wood), because there's no fan, and basically nothing to break). it's my first apple computer though