Zero Edge Waiting for apple to release a foldable iPhone. I like them.
🌲 Tho apple is usually 10 years behind in terms of features compared to android, so you'll have to wait for a while :D
🐓 Mega if only there was a "hackintosh"-esque thing for android
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🌲 Tho i love apple computers, but i absolutely loath apple phones. they are so stupid and underfeatured. macos and ios are like heaven and hell
Zero Edge Meh, I have problems with a Google an advertising company that tracks everything being the provider of my OS.
David Antoine I used macOS for ten years. Very enjoyable for day to day use... Never had an iPhone, I don't like not being able to side load apps in case one would be banned. And the iPhone 13 presentation was extremely "meh". Boring overall. The more ridiculous being the Hollywood directors part about the cameras. Total fluff (except maybe for beginners who want to make their own fan films, I guess).