Mark Dain So the company in Texas has gone quiet :( looks like I won't be moving anytime soon. As for my current day job, I've just finished writing the Linux installer and within the next few weeks, I'm hoping to start moving our deployments over to Linux.
🤔 John 1 week isn't so long to go quiet though... I've been hired after several weeks of silence in the past.
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Mark Dain Thanks, that's reassuring! Perhaps they're just thinking it over?
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🤔 John Happens a lot when it gets to HR for final approval. Generally they enforce total radio silence as HR is weird.
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Randoming This! Such a PITA.
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🤔 John I just went through my emails from when I worked for a private tech co in california, an established fairly conservative one. T=0: online application. T+1 month. acknowledgement. t+2 months: phone screen. 2.5 months: tech screen. 3.5 months: onsite. Nothing. Nothing. Run into recruiter at unrelated charity event and become a person instead of a CV. Call every week for an update (getting desperate at this point); she never answers my calls but calls me back every Friday just before leaving to acknowledge that she doesn't have updates. t+6 months: offer letter. t+7 months: start date. Hopefully your experience won't be so slow!
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