😀 Tom cnbc.com/2017/05/1... If I lived in Italy, I would totally run a tourism business out of one of them.
☕ David Antoine That's probably one of those opportunities you get ones in a lifetime...
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Randoming That sounds awesome, from the link on the bottom of the page I saw this. cnbc.com/2017/05/0... I'd love to see a group of people come together to turn cheap, pretty de-populated towns like this into mini remote tech-hubs.
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☕ David Antoine Indeed. In that case it's probably better to be a group of people so to spread the investment risk. Small remote tech-hubs would be nice, even to host thematic seminars every week for example... The nearest city is 50 miles away, so if you have a job there it's an option as well, except during the winter maybe. Small curved roads and snow don't go well together...
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Randoming Haha I'm currently in Iceland, people here seem to agree with that road sentiment. The thematic seminars is an interesting thought....
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