Randoming I have one Windows 10 machine and it's literally nothing more than a Steam client but I think this might be enough to push me to tolerate Steam on Linux and try support the devs porting to Linux. I'm not too worried about Microsoft knowing my crappy Dirt Rally times and more to do with not supporting/tolerating such a clear breach of privacy. I mean, remote code execution... theregister.co.uk/...
☕ David Antoine Didn't know that Windows 10 update was so big on data collecting ! If you want a good implementation of steam on Linux, the Solus distribution seems to do it effectively. The lead dev is very meticulous on his code... solus-project.com/...
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Randoming Looks like they have done some custom work to improve the client, though I think this would need to be dual-booted as it doesn't look like their package manager supports a huge amount of software.
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Bugabinga True. The amount is relatively small, but the selection is good. Give it a try and see if you actually miss a package.
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