Quantum Physics. What about two worlds instead of "many worlds"? True vs False. 0 vs 1. Light vs Darkness. Conscious vs Subconcious.
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Watched a few videos about the holographic principle a long time ago, except that most recent one. That principle is a product of string theory I think and as far as I know still no predictions that could be tested by observation. The tidbit about using quantum entenglement to emerge the fabric of space with the holographic principle is interesting. Especially knowing that string theory is not background independant. How they tackle that problem is above my pay grade... :)
To me, just the idea that our perspective (pun) of how we observe the universe and things in it (re: ourselves) based on what level of dimensionality (3 + time?) is afforded by our senses seems quite interesting and that the 2 dimensions of the hologram or more than 3 or 4 based just on how the data is represented is pretty interesting to me. I also liked this version of things: youtube.com/watch?...