Ph.D. student at NYU studying software supply chains ~ 24 years old from United States
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It's moving day! Not looking forward to the move itself but excited for the new place.
Good luck! Moving is never fun but the end result will be worth it!
that's awesome! super exciting times
Think how relieved you'll feel when it's done! Exciting!
Best wishes for the move!
Testing: does /discover limit to one post from each user? Edit: it seems to, yes. This is interesting as posts can just never be seen, but I also do understand the rationale.
What are some light games I can play on a Linux machine?
Any System76 laptop owners here? How has your experience been?
What's everyone up to this weekend? :)
What is your primary messaging app/service?
What are you reading right now? I'm currently reading The World as It Is by Ben Rhodes.
The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate - Robert Caro
I know I'm late to the party - on several levels - but my current book is "White Fragility"
Is the code powering this website available anywhere? I didn't see anything immediately on GitHub anyway. cc
Question: why does the emoji status need to be unique?
Doesn't it promote creativity?
I kinda like it. But, what if the site gets bigger? New people will end up needing to string together many emojis. But there are a lot of emojis. Time will tell I suppose
I was baffled by that at first. What If I had arrived some time later? By then one has to scrub the Unicode list to find something unique. Not very... egalitarian.
This was annoying at first, but now I think it's the bomb.