😾 Oskar So, anybody has some data driven project in mind with which he needs collaboration? Mining, analysis, classification, querying etc. Commercial or not.
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📚💻 Terry Mcginnis I've been thinking about how to do automatic moderation and personal feed curation. The idea is to look at incoming data like tweets, news stories, comments, links from an RSS feed, etc. Then train a model or several such models in a continuous loop to predict whether I will like something or not. I'm looking at tensorflow.js but still early stage.
😾 Oskar I think this is sort of every _computer_ person project idea with difference in scale and execution. You could constantly _teach_ your model and fine-tune it towards personal preference, however, this could be hard task in itself. I think this is more like 'recommend' than 'predict'. Yet, if constantly fine-tuned based on streamed data, recommendations would evolve. Tbh, I'd consider it a complex project and reason why people mostly default to categorizing their content well
🤔✍️ David Hehe, based on some of the discussions yesterday around scraping subreply I went and bought metareply.net. It'd be fun to have a community project to play with! If you're interested in working on it here and there let me know :) and that goes for anyone else too!
😾 Oskar Yeah, I can put some work in. There are few problems however. We don't know roadmap for subreply so it very well may be that we will be reinventing the wheel along . It would be great if some parts of it could be open sourced. Anyway, do you have something particular in mind? I am for discussing it openly here, maybe somebody will chip in.