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Yeah, right? Are those games still around?
just lost 2.5 hours to AardwolfMUD so yeah i think so
this reminds me of my days at MUD games... anyone?
now that you mention it, yeah... feels very close to the shell prompt aesthetic. I was a regular on ArmageddonMUD for a long time throughout the 90s, though I loved exploring Duris and other "fully non-stock" worlds as well...
I think however responsible it happens to be is a relatively subjective matter.
"free hong kong" would be a much more responsible choice, for example
it is very easy to feel heard. being interactive leads to large conversations easily, and people answer questions if you ask them. the conversations here also feel a little bit like the ones you had at 1am at a sleepover with your best friend, for some reason
minimalist + retro = snuggly vibes ? i can dig it
Most of early agriculture technology. I actually asked here if shift from small scale farming to industrialization of agriculture is not just feudalism reloaded.
i agree, it was feudalism reloaded until decentralization began... is my favorite in this space
I thought they meant that now they have returned to the island?
hah, i guess it's ambiguous and I took it the other way ... all the people I know in sales are having a rough time between forced remote and the downturn...
This probably a bit naive of me but why would you want to leave a tropic island? Seems like the ideal type of place that remote workers would like to be.
I mean, they said they regret leaving...
And it makes it impossible to invite (mention) people in after the fact or provide extra context to your original post. I don't dig it all that much.
Instead of trying to change a system that you're new to, think of how to participate within its constraints. For example, create new posts with a mention and a link to your previous post. Or start a new post, and link it as a reply.
That is a good feature. I wonder if the kind of person who puts a slur as their username would eventually be driven off by almost everyone deleting their comments.
I appreciate the agency it affords, but it's tough to see it as anything but an arms race between spamming "good" vs "bad" content
Great. I'll walk away from this website if that's the attitude.
don't forget you can moderate (delete) any replies to you
Is there a list of offensive English words that I can use?
say hello
Trump vs Biden. Who do you think has got it?
Ready for this to become a thing.
abolish you? *squints* you don't look like the state
How's that possible? I've tried that a couple of times. Disconnectedness works but not with a period after it.
it's not counting letters, it's total character count, so disconnectedness is fine but one more character is too long
You can tell the site was made by a white male due to no reporting system
the burden of moderation is on the poster -- you can moderate any reply to you