I do data. And science.
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There is this game created by Croteam, which puts your into a robotic body and asks you to perform puzzles. Walking through the gardens you could find messages from the past - snippets of conversations just like those. I would recommend you to give it a try.
I want to learn from stories, but not in the academic sense. A good story is relatable while letting me experience something that I would not easily be able to do otherwise. Surely this must be why we cavemen came up with language?
Tell us a story!
Yes, this is what i want to do... but it takes time... what makes a good story to you?
For me it looks a little bit like a Talos Principle
What's something you've written about?
Scientific publications and outreach materials. Company tech blog. Some popular articles, It's just not very personal.
I'm curious, is it self introspection?
I am currently experimenting with writing more, this seems like a nice way to get thoughts out with less surrounding bs. Awesome project btw!