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Contagious diseases prevail on the historical proven vectors of the primordial behavior of the host.
I have no idea what you're trying to say. Short words are better than long words.
C++ is safer, more useful, has infinitely more jobs, more pleasant to use...
This is such a StackOverflow comment. "I want to learn C" "Don't learn C, learn C++".
Am i the only one who's not excited about this M1 chip? Ram is inside the chip, everything is hard soldered, you can't replace any component. I know it has been this way with macs lately but this time it's even worse. It seems to me that the sole purpose of those new chips is to make them more like iphones and ipads so that the only way to upgrade is to keep buying the newer models.
On one hand, the inability to upgrade is true, but the tradeoffs at least seem positive. I don't think the performance and efficiency would be as effective without it. I'm more excited for the start of ARM personal computers.
Bad. Corona is massively back.
People are inviting me out to meet up. They just don't care anymore. I've done so well to isolate myself for over 7 months, and for nothing, apparently.
How has corona changed your life?
It's made me reevaluate how strongly I desire social interaction. I live alone and have had minimal interaction for months and it's taken quite an unanticipated toll on my mental health. I'm also put face-to-face with the value in the work I do, finding it very hard to find the motivation to do something which, in the grand scheme of things, I don't really care about.
Just accidentally slept for 13-14 hours and now my brain feels like it has pins and needles.
I hit 12 hours last night. Maybe I'll only need 4 tonight?
Yesterday I stumbled over a typing competition in the US from 2010. The winner managed to type 163 words per minute on average! I'd be happy about half of that.
100-120 wpm is fairly "easily" achievable before the return on investment from practicing drops precipitously. I say this as a Typeracer stan.
Pumpkin spice season - yay or nah?
The season? Yay! The pumpkin spice? I'll leave it for someone else.
It's definitely a little surreal to be using Esperanto so often :) Glad to find at least one other person here with a /now. Grillradar is a cool idea, and I really like the design.
I'm jealous you have the opportunity to use EO at all! Admittedly, I haven't tried to find people to speak it with, but if I did I'd have a lot more motivation to continue studying it.
I'm using my web browser on my phone to look for an app. I find the app I'm looking for, so then I look around my desk for my phone so that I can pull up the app in the app store, and I can't find my phone >.< It took me longer than it should have. It reminds me of the time I was looking for my eye glasses, they were literally in front of my eyes.
To count the number of times I've lost my phone while on a call with someone....
My favorite Linux screenshot app just got updated ! github.com/flamesh...
I'm already in a healthy, stable relationship with maim. How dare you tempt me.
Six months since lockdown started here. We have probably got at least six more months of restrictions. How about you?
Same and same. 6 months is my optimistic guess. If there was money riding on it, my bet is 9 months.
That's the longest 17 seconds i have ever watched! Time is truly relative! That's why i believe in the Big Bang!
Oh man, you really opened this Pandora's box. I thought it was an unspoken understanding on here to ignore Jerrod.
I agree with you about 11-3 am those are the best hours
It's one of those times when reality feels altered. Like when you walk out of a crowded theater.
Which is pretty much the truth gut every employment, isn't it?
As I am unfortunately realizing, yes. It's why I'm trying to pivot into nonprofit or research-adjacent. I feel much better doing things for humanity than I feel lining a CEO's pocket with more cash.
Anyone here ever use Chatroulette? I feel like chatting with a random person. Well... I just tried. After a bunch of guys immediately passing on me, one guy sounded like he was reading prose, but kept the same inflection as I tried to talk with him. I had a hard time hearing, and it didn't seem like we would have a good conversation, so I ended the session. Chat42.online was a bit better. Text-only, met a couple of people, but most there want to talk dirty.
Omegle is the popular one, I believe. Can't speak to its quality, never actually used it myself.