What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
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8am-11am is my most productive time. However, my favorite time of day (for now) is bedtime for the kids when we get to read together :)
I agree with you about 11-3 am those are the best hours
It's one of those times when reality feels altered. Like when you walk out of a crowded theater.
To me, things get in another dimension at midnight :)
This is when a lot of interesting chats take place on some forums...
Although I've not been there recently, 3am. Me and my friends had this theory that the next day started at 3am. Does it really feel like the start of a new day at midnight? So now when I catch myself staying up that late, I just get fond memories of all those '3am conversations' and theories
4-7am. Its already morning (where I live), but most people are still sleeping. I feel productive and focused, as there's little to no outside distractions. Besides, the rising sun makes me joyful and hopeful.
Absolutely. If I can (due to my "normal World schedule") I go to sleep at twilight and wake up at dawn, being the most productive till 9-10 am.