Today is my Friday - no work for me tomorrow! No screaming alarm; no rushed breakfast; no stack of emails and endless meetings! I could WEEP WITH JOY!
Hey, everybody! Look at this person! They still eat breakfast!
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Wait - WHAT? You don't eat breakfast???
I just ignore being hungry, or I'll just have a fruit and a coffee until 2pm or so.
LOL! I eat breakfast too or else I get cranky ;-)
Going full intermittent fasting was one of the top ten best decisions of my life. Once I got used to the schedule (I'm on 18/6), skipping breakfast and lunch didn't make me cranky. On the contrary, I now sometimes get what I describe as 'the fasting high', where out of the blue I start to feel very joyous, on an upbeat mood that makes my day much more pleasurable (and productive).
Me too!