I really glad social networks exists, I would have not known a lot but I feel like I never have anything to say, no opinion to display, am I alone in this case ? Am I condemned to be part of the "silent majority" ?
Frankly the opposite of my experience...(if I can brag a little bit) at one point I was in the top 500 reddit users by karma. Now I'm merely top 5000, although not because I stopped participating, but because I stopped chasing the points and now participate in smaller niche communities where my words actually have value :D
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If you don't mind my asking, what types of communities do you participate in now vs the communities where you reaped a lot of karma? Personally I'm just a big lurker on reddit (save for a post here or there and comments when I can assist someone) and never really found karma/points very motivating.
Then: for comment karma, /r/AskReddit. Link karma are any defaults. Now it's /r/unicycling, /r/geography, /r/washingtondc, /r/anarchychess, for example. Things less relevant to the general population.