📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🔻 Trinity T420 upgraded to 16GB RAM, with Debian 10.4 and occasionally whatever other systems I'm testing.
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🌚 Nlggers Nice. Have you considered Corebooting (given you have one of the devices that is capable)?
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🔻 Trinity I've considered it but it seems rather difficult. I haven't found many good guides and the ones I did find were very complicated and not very reassuring. I know my way around this stuff but not enough to chance sacrificing my firmware - I don't have a backup laptop.
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🌚 Nlggers You can make a backup of the EPROM chip's memory before flashing. I read out the ROM content 3 times and diffed the corresponding bins to make sure the external debugging device had a good clamp on the chip before I attempting to do anything involving reflashing the device with a modified ROM.
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