📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🌚 Nlggers I use a Corebooted ThinkPad x220 running OpenBSD 6.6 (I need to upgrade to 6.7 but the upgrade script is a little strange with my full disk encryption setup).
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🔻 Trinity How well does it run? I'd like to downsize from my T420 at some point but I'm worried about speed because it's already noticeably slow on Handbrake - though I suppose that's what desktops are for.
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🌚 Nlggers Back when I was running Arch it was a bit faster than OpenBSD I find. That's probably due to the fact that OpenBSD does some kind of kernel layout randomization that is a bit extreme iirc. That and they've disabled hyper-threading entirely to mitigate the speculative execution issues. I'd say back on Linux it was quite snappy with my SSD and 1866Mhz RAM upgrade. Unfortunately on newer UEFI versions Lenovo limits RAM frequencies. Coreboot fixes this however. :^)
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