🔻 Trinity Anyone here play Nintendo Switch? Here's my friend code: SW-6179-6750-6992
🌚 Nlggers I've been considering purchasing one to do the paper clip jailbreak but I have yet to more closely look into how active the homebrew scene is for those running jailbroken Switches. Have you jailbroken your device? If yes then how do you find the homebrew software scene for it?
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🔻 Trinity Haven't hacked it yet (don't plan to until it stops receiving updates, I wait until EOL for Nintendo consoles), if you plan to then you'd need to get an older Switch without updating and you're better off buying a pre-made jig because it's very difficult to bridge the pins yourself. The scene is very interesting, MVG's ported a lot of games himself and I think Retroarch is either on it or coming along. It would be nice for the overclocking hacks alone.
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