🐊 Andromeda Pie Sign for a new social network promoting itself as trustworthy and the first thing I see is a racial slur lmao
👉 Oscar If you guys are referring to how do you perceive that as racist? I haven't seen a single thing he/she has written here indicating any form of racism.
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🌚 Nlggers I think they've put the cart before the horse as it were. They also assumed I'm white which I am not. It's been my observation that an unfortunate number of people are quick to jump to conclusions - few will take the time to thoughtfully consider scenarios that may not reflect the caricature they've created in their mind of the people who hold views they disagree with.
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🤬 Foobar This is a pretty moronic explanation. It doesn't matter what your race is, you specifically chose a username that is a word that symbolizes peak racism (at least in the US). It's easy to see that you are trying to hide your troll intentions behind a false narrative, but it really just makes you seem like some edgy twat.
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🌚 Nlggers Next time I'll remember to make my username "Dancing Israelis" if that makes you happier.
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🤬 Foobar That doesn't address any of the points I said.
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🌚 Nlggers You're welcome to believe I have malintent. If you don't think I mean what I say then there is little I can do to convince you otherwise. I'm not particularly motivated by the desire to change your mind.
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🤬 Foobar If your actual intentions are to spark thoughtful conversations with everybody about censorship, then your username does otherwise. Whether you believe it or not, it's a word that sparks negative emotions in a lot of people and that is something you cannot change. What's actually is going to happen is that people will feel uncomfortable joining this platform and you won't get voices and ideas from a diverse set of people (something crucial to the idea of freedom of speech).
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🧔 Justin Right, I don't think someone who's well socially adjusted does something like this, no matter how much they care about free speach. Why here? It's like shouting in a room full of people who only want to talk amongst themselves just because you can. It makes the experience worse for others for no benefit to anyone.
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📉 Bill I'd agree it was maybe edgy when lots of people were signing up but you've seemed to scare everyone away . It's crazy how internet discussion devolves to race, sex, politics like we're going to solve anything here.
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🌚 Nlggers I'm not really interested in those topics.
3y, 40w 2 replies
📉 Bill Me either but everyone brings them up
3y, 40w 1 reply
🌚 Nlggers Ya. It's a shame.
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