🐊 Andromeda Pie Sign for a new social network promoting itself as trustworthy and the first thing I see is a racial slur lmao
👁️ Mbladra Did the internet boards always have racists, or has that been more of a recent thing
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🌚 Nlggers I'm not sure about getting brave recently. I wouldn't have picked this username string if it weren't for the increased internet censorship of late. You're welcome to believe as you do and continue calling for me to be removed but I think you may come to find that the tighter you close your grip the more star systems will slip through your fingers. :^)
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👁️ Mbladra wow looks like we have ourselves a badass here.. a real keyboard warrior
3y, 40w 1 reply
🌚 Nlggers Wow thanks
3y, 40w reply
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