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What's one thing you are currently scared about?
The dreaded pointless meeting! It affects all professions!
I work in the Civil Service. How about you?
Software. I suppose managers exist everywhere
Uh oh... Senior managers are on the warpath! They're saying a meeting is the only way to sort things out. DON'T DO IT! It's a TRAP!
I got so mad at my Thinkpad X390 that I bought an X230. I'm switching in a few days, and will just send the X390 for warranty repairs repeatedly until they either fix it or get bored and give me my money back. (It's already been there four times)
I didn't know they still sold the X230! I used the 2012 model for four years. Great form factor.
On the profile status or reply box? For reply box there's an unicode to ascii converter. All emojis should work for profiles excluding duplicates.
On both. When I try to use the USA flag emoji in this reply, , it posts the reply without the emoji
Sometimes I want to support some project, but it requires logging into PayPal or smith like that, and I just want to push one button
Apple pay seems to solve that problem given that all of the payment information can be verified with touch or face ID
How did you mark the holiday?
I reflected on the history of the USA and wrote down some of the themes I identified as contributing to our current situation. I also watched the fireworks!
Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!
Pizza is in the oven. Now we wait.
hey! I noticed that the fade out effect on posts on does not render correctly on iOS
What other online communities are you a part of? What's your favorite thing about that community? created by is gathering steam. People tell their stories (real and fictional) and others respond with anecdotes of their own
Here we like to complain about money and that everything is just a little too expensive, guess which country
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