Tesla stops taking Model 3 Long Range orders as backlog extends to 2023 Tesla has decided to stop taking new orders for its Model 3 Long Range, one of its most popular models, in the United States and Canada. The automaker has adopted this new business model to avoid creating delivery timelines that are super long for customers. There's currently a rush to order electric vehicles as the [...]
Abolish life sentences It is unjust, cruel and profoundly wasteful to consign a person to prison for life. A decent society must not do it
Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say The detection of the virus in sewage suggests it is circulating in the city, Health Department officials said.
Don't Focus on Your Job at the Expense of Your Career The gap between what we have to do today and where we see ourselves in the future can be vexing. We'd like to advance toward our goals, but we feel dragged down by responsibilities that seem banal or off-target for our eventual vision. In this piece, the author offers four strategies you can try so that you can simultaneously accomplish what's necessary in the short-term while playing the long game for the betterment of your career.
What nuclear secrets could Trump have possibly taken? A nuclear weapons historian explains why it's so hard to know what material Trump took from the White House.
Nintendo Switch 2: Rumors and everything we know about the next console Rumors have been floating around for a while now that Nintendo will eventually release a new Switch with greater processing power. Here's everything to know about it.
Everyone will be buzzing about these 5 Netflix releases next week A curated look at some of the biggest Netflix releases, including shows and movies, hitting the platform next week.
Apple doesn't want 'Telemoji', so it held back Telegram update for two weeks Telegram's CEO Pavel Durov claims that Apple held back the latest update for his app primarily because it did not want Telemoji, a modified and animated version of the static emojis.
Presentation: Becoming a Better Developer Panel The panelists discuss ways to improve as developers. Are better tools the solution or can simple changes in mindset help? And what practices are already here but not yet universally adopted?
A Single Flaw Broke Every Layer of Security in MacOS An injection flaw allowed a researcher to access all files on a Mac. Apple issued a fix, but some machines may still be vulnerable.
Kaser Focus: Team Frye, Team Shiver, or Team Big Man? GamesBeat's Rachel Kaser considers her allegiances in the new Splatoon title, and also joins the roast of Forspoken.
Adam Schiff, Carolyn Maloney ask for security damage assessment on Mar-a-Lago documents The FBI seized highly sensitive documents in their search of former President Trump's Florida residence on Monday.
Vivo V25 5G and V25e 4G global variants appear in live photos This leak claims a V25e 4G will be joining its vanilla and Pro siblings and details color options.
Spotlight Interview: A Madea Homecoming Composer Philip White The film is currently streaming on Netflix.
If you liked Netflix's Day Shift, watch these 4 movies that also combine action, horror, and comedy J.J. Perry, the director of Netflix's new action comedy Day Shift, suggested four of his favorite movies that combine action, horror, and comedy that you can watch at home.
Uber is shutting down its free loyalty program later this year Uber is shutting down its loyalty program, Uber Rewards, to focus on its Uber One subscription program. Uber Rewards is going away on November 1st, and users have until October 31st to redeem leftover points.