ONLYOFFICE 7.1 is Out With New PDF Viewer, Slideshow Animations + More Fans of open source office software are in for a treat as a brand new version of ONLYOFFICE is now available to download featuring various improvements.
5 key concepts for converting to a platform business Business leaders across all sectors can learn from the experiences of tech giants to transition from a linear to a platform business model.
India's wheat export ban is another reality check for its lofty soft power goals A repeat of India's vaccine export claim and the subsequent U-turn. -- Shrink the size of your images for free Reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing & reducing dimensions. With Shrink. the media get Faster Web Pages Loading Less Bandwidth Utilization Better User Experience
AITO M5 review We are reviewing the AITO M5 - an interesting range extender EV from Huawei.
App Store subscriptions can now charge you more without your approval Apple has updated its App Store policies to allow developers to charge you more for auto-renewing subscriptions under specific circumstances without your prior, explicit approval for the price hike.
Japan is looking to strengthen financial education, but are schools ready? New programs could help with the government's aim of boosting investment by individuals, but teachers are concerned they might not have the time to do the topic justice.
MicroStream 7.0 Delivers Support for CDI MicroStream, a persistence engine for storing Java objects and documents, is able to load, update and persist object graphs partially and on demand in a performant and resource efficient way. MicroStr
Apple reportedly testing color e-ink display technology to use as a second screen for a foldable device According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is exploring the use of color e-ink displays for its future products. Kuo says that color e-ink is particularly well suited to enabling a low-power second screen experience for a foldable form factor device. Of course, Apple does not currently make a foldable although there have been ongoing [...]
Michael Bloomberg Plans a $242 Million Investment in Clean Energy The billionaire and former mayor of New York City will fund programs in 10 developing countries.
On the road to cleaner, greener, and faster driving MIT researchers developed a technique to control a fleet of autonomous vehicles as they approach and pass through a signalized intersection in a way that reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions from idling and stop-and-go traffic, while improving travel speeds.
Male Homosexuality in Western Art Male homosexuality is a subject in art from ancient times until today. Read about the evolution of the subject and best examples.
Confessions of a Social-Justice Meme Maker I made pretty pictures that helped keep people enraged and mobilized. Then I asked myself: 'Why am I doing this?'
Quick Charge Podcast: May 16, 2022 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. New episodes of Quick Charge are recorded Monday through Thursday and again on Saturday. Subscribe to our podcast in Apple Podcast or your favorite podcast player to guarantee [...]
North Korea has an "explosive" COVID outbreak and 0% vaccination rate "I shudder to think about a prolonged lockdown in North Korea."