Windows 11 will soon force you to make a Microsoft account, but there's a bypass Starting with Windows 11 22H2, setting up a new device will require a Microsoft account and internet connection. Previously, Windows 11 required a Microsoft account for Windows 11 Home installations only. Going forward, both Windows 11 Home and Pro will require a Microsoft account sign to set up the devices. In other words, setting up [...]
Elon Musk now has over 100 million Twitter followers Elon Musk just passed the 100 million follower mark on Twitter, becoming the sixth user on the platform to reach a nine-digit follower count. Musk hit the milestone sometime between June 27th and June 28th.
iQOO 10 BMW version's render surfaces The iQOO 10 series is rumored to be unveiled next month.
Mathematicians Are Trying to 'Hear' Shapes Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
Loot's premiere week sees it squeak into the top 10 most popular shows Apple TV+ launched Loot, starring May Rudolph, on Friday of last week -- but that was enough for it to break into the top ten most popular shows of the week ending June 26.
Russia defaulted on its debt -- but this is no ordinary default If you don't need to borrow money, then being cut out of financial markets does little harm.
Roivant unveils latest spinout as Pfizer entrusts JAK1/TYK2 to Priovant In November, Pfizer disclosed it's spun out the Phase II dual JAK1/TYK2 inhibitor to a startup formed in collaboration with an unnamed, experienced partner. We now know who the partner is. And as Pfizer and Roivant officially take the wraps off Priovant Therapeutics, the companies reveal that they have started
Warp Speed: Inside the Operation that Beat COVID--A Review While the overall U.S. response to the pandemic was tragically deficient, we can learn a lot from the public-private partnership that sped vaccine development.
Here are the only 5 countries opposing Europe's 2035 electric car-only rule The European Union is about to vote on banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 and 5 countries are planning to push to delay the move to electric car-only by 5 years. Europe is currently establishing its plan to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. A big part of achieving [...]
🌍 Abortion bans blocked Louisiana and Utah have temporarily blocked abortion bans, while South Carolina's "fetal heartbeat" law has gone into effect.
Origin of the world map Mythical creatures and mathematical precision met in the Catalan Atlas, a world map that fused Christian and Muslim knowledge
Families Like Ours: A Reading List for the Children of Queer Parents Some of us got to stay with our moms or dads. Others did not.
Gas Piped Into Homes Contains Benzene, Other Risky Chemicals, Study Finds While the concentrations are low, the chemicals are potentially dangerous and some are linked to cancer risk, the researchers found.
British Unionists Fought Irish Unity. They Should Welcome It. Zoom out from the noise of the latest Brexit disagreements and the truth is that unionist disruption will one day have to bow to the inevitable.
MNT Pocket Reform -- A smaller, lighter laptop with a hint of nostalgia Pocket Reform is a 7 inch mini laptop from MNT Research. We condensed the best features of MNT Reform into a smaller, lighter, and more affordable device while adding some new exciting details.
Japan firms that embraced remote work rediscover value of the office Despite recognizing the advantages of work from home, some are finding the benefits of in-person communication and collaboration hard to ignore.