Sublevel was restored from October 23, 2017 backup. Superthread is no more, Subcafe will be shut down too. Sorry for the whole mess. All the good stuff from Subcafe is now on Sublevel including the new design and square photos.
I don't like missing all the content lost since 10/23, but at least things are back to normal. The Superthread name was starting to grow on me.
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Hopefully Sublevel will grow back on you. I can give/sell to you if you want it.
I don't know what I'd do with it, but thanks for the offer! (I assume you're talking about the domain name and not the source code)
Let me know if you're thinking about letting it expire. It's a great name, and if I ever get around to one of my bucketlist projects, I might be interested in it. (I need to catch up with this site when I get a chance, but on mobile the new changes look great!)