Mark Dain I'm not sure my next computer will be a Mac. I'm just not able to get behind the new MacBook Pro as the physical function key model has older/slower hardware and only 2 Thunderbolt ports. Without that one, it may be impossible to run Linux on it, which is increasingly important given macOS isn't what it used to be. Then consider you can't plug in an iPhone, Apple headphones or Magic peripherals without an adapter. It just seems stupid there wasn't at-least updated peripherals to go with the new MacBook Pro. It's a shame as it has the nicest keyboard I've ever used and the screen is amazing.
👽 Paul Webb I intend to get an upgraded 15" MBP, but I'm not looking forward to all the damn dongles I'll have to buy. I'm probably just going to get a new USB hub and call it a day.
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Mark Dain What's absurd is you can't plug Apple's phone into Apple's laptop without an adapter (I'm sure Apple would love to sell you one). You also need an adapter for peripherals and it's currently impossible to use Lightning headphones on a Mac. I suppose they want you to buy the LG display they showed off.
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👽 Paul Webb You just reminded me what I'm most annoyed about -- Apple is out of the external display market. There aren't any 4K or 5K displays that look good next to Apple hardware. I have an ASUS VX279Q monitor at home and at work and while not hi-def, it looks decent. Meh, I hope next year brings about more ambitious or even more laid-back external monitor design.
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