😇 Jesus Christ Hey it's me Jesus, welcome welcome everyone.
✝️ Jerrod Gamotan You are not Jesus Christ, but you will stand before Him in judgment. Make sure it will be in His grace, NeedGod.com.
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💀 Nate Dunn youre going to look pretty silly when you find out it's actually Jesus
2y, 29w 5 replies
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✝️ Jerrod Gamotan Have you read the Bible? If so, does prophecy comport to Jesus Christ being on Subreply? If so, share with me the Scripture please.
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🌊 Zero Two I mean we could never know for sure xd
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🧞 Bit "Hey it's me Jesus, welcome welcome everyone." jesus/ews
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👁️ Robert Ries Matthew 28:21 "And as he said, Christ will apear again on the anointed platform to reply to his disciples in 480 symbols. There you will see Him."
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