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Infinite pagination was implemented, posting restrictions were reduced, emoji are supported in posts and profile bios, social links can be added from options page, accounts can be deleted, logging in with a magic link is possible, access keys for sidebar links were added, light theme is lighter and dark theme is darker.
I'll improve this. Your last post shouldn't be the same, the replies in a thread shouldn't be the same, etc. They are meant to prevent spam.
I totally get that and I think it is a brilliant idea but the implementation shouldn't be too strict, as I just learned the hard way :D
getting back to working on MOAC, a tool for password strength analysis using physical limits to computation:
Do you have a link? I can't find it. on playstore and you can find the more up to date version on f-droid, packages/org.ligi.faster
I want a launcher for Android that has the app drawer as home screen and lets me hide certain apps.
There's a tool called FASTER which is exactly that. It can be used as homescreen, you can hide and pin apps. And it's very fast.
Explicit setup manual. Let us know when you'll publish the code!
The code is available already at
Actually using Albert or rofi on Linux (X11) as application launcher, do you have any other recommendation ? is my go to page for such questions:
It's possible to have private messages on Subreply. They can be encrypted using the password hash. Changing the password will fail to decrypt old messages.
But why this way? Why not encrypt a separate key (maybe even per message exchange) that is reencrypted when the password gets changed.
Configurable expiration times would be great
Oh yes, that is a fantastic idea, thanks! is down!
Oh right, thanks! It is now actually :D I needed to clean up a bit. Too many domains.
I bookmarked this one that should help you :
Oh yeah, I remember that one ;>
Anyone have recommended reading on Front-End App Architecture? Preferably not React-specific, but that's fine. I'd like the knowledge to transfer to other frameworks like Mithril, Hyperapp, Svelte, etc.
Vuejs has excellent documentation and Svelte's documentation is getting better and better each time I'm checking. I'd recommend you to check Svelte first because it's the most different from a technical view.
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