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I bookmarked this one that should help you :
Oh yeah, I remember that one ;>
Anyone have recommended reading on Front-End App Architecture? Preferably not React-specific, but that's fine. I'd like the knowledge to transfer to other frameworks like Mithril, Hyperapp, Svelte, etc.
Vuejs has excellent documentation and Svelte's documentation is getting better and better each time I'm checking. I'd recommend you to check Svelte first because it's the most different from a technical view.
What project are you all working on these days?
I started working on a URL shortener service for the inclined individuals that want to host it themselves. Any must haves in a self-hosted, simple URL shortener service?
do we need a ticket? they are all unavailable
Sorry yes, tickets have been limited
You could write it in Reason and output JS. :)
I actually looked into exactly that
you hooked me ! I tried to learn more about coffee, since I quite enjoy it but I know the one I'm buying (some Senseo tissue capsule), it's not the worth, but I could be able to get better taste by upgrading my brewing and/or my coffee, but I did not found yet enough information to start
what kind of roast ?
It's going to be about coffee! But not really about roasting (although I'm doing that by myself as well from time to time). This is about
250kb of roast? :)
Nice one :face_with_tears_of_joy:
Does ReScript also replace ReasonML? I'm kind of confused by how they play together with OCaml. Looks cool nonetheless.
ReScript is a fork of ReasonML. It's even fully compatible but introduces a new Syntax on top of the old one. The new Syntax is much more Javascripty. It looks a bit like a good offspring of Rust and Javascript.
Hey! Thanks for following up. I ended up going with for it's tiny size and minimalism. it was also pretty easy to wrap a "validator" function around its methods
Nice, that looks indeed useful for Javascript. I'm planning on checking out ReScript (former buckleScript) and may rewrite some projects over the years end. Let's see!
And, it you're going to target wasm, you'll likely use either C or Rust and at that point you don't really need wasm for server side.
Exactly, then you could go with eg rust directly
Thanks. Likewise, I wouldn't wanna do that client-side either. This is a server-side Node app wherein I'm trying to keep the tooling to a minimum. :) I may adopt TypeScript in the future since it seems that's where the JS-world is headed...
Oh of course, it's a node application. sorry, I should've read your posts better.
Thanks, I think Haxe is also another option. However, I guess I'm looking for run-time type-checking modules, but doing a cursory search on npm pulls up tons of em, -- so I I'm wondering if anyone on Subreply has any recommendations there. :P
No recommendations for a runtime package from my side except that I would personally prefer compile time checks instead of putting the load onto the client.
what are some options excluding TypeScript and Flow for type-checking a Node project?
I'm honestly not sure there are any except using a cross-compiled language. Almost everything is nowadays compiling to WASM. But there are other languages that compile directly to Javascript as well. For example
Does only lists sites when accessing via a terminal browser? I accessed it on mobile and apart from a block of text, no site links are found.
Obviously it doesn't list any sites. It's a joke, and a well made one.
Curious; how large is the node_modules folder for a svelte-kit project? It looks awesome, but I've become more and more mindful of my harddrive space.
Svelte-Kit is pretty small, even inside the node_modules. I can check for an actual number later. If you need to save space, you might want to check out yarn2, which does a pretty good job in reusing existing packages. *update* 40MB it is, if you go for the plainjs/plaincss variant.